Our Approach To Customisation & Design

Four-phased approach to organisational learning

BSI Training & Development achieves optimum results through the application of the following tools; these may be used collaboratively or provided on an individual basis:

  1. We conduct a thorough assessment of the current alignment between the organisation’s vision, strategies and staff development objectives.
  2. We design a high-level development plan for the establishment of a Learning Organisation Culture. This plan outlines the key issues to be addressed, recommendations on strategically aligned learning & development program(s) and the proposed learning methodology to be employed.
  3. We provide a detailed outline of proposed program roll-out, including course content, interventions, time frame, audience and the specific learning outcomes and investment.
  4. We ensure learning transfer through Action Plans, Personal Development Plans, Project Teams, Coaching and Mentoring. BSI Training & Development aligns training to desired outcomes through the elimination of barriers to success and identification of Key Performance Indicator measures.