Meet Our Facilitators

Scott Henderson

Our Director of Training, Scott is a registered psychologist with a solid background as an educator.  He has worked as a lecturer in psychology, behavioural science and research at the Universities of Sydney and Western Sydney.  Lecturing for six years at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, his expertise includes such areas as leadership, teams and group dynamics, communication and body language, persuasion techniques, stress, and workplace satisfaction.

Since 1999, his work in the corporate sector has spanned the spectrum from industrial psychologist to coach and corporate trainer.  As head of BSI’s assessment division, Scott is responsible for the delivery of a wide range of psychometric tests.  In 2004 he became a certified Master Coach in Behavioural Coaching and he continues to coach both individuals and teams at all levels within the companies with which he works.  Scott is also a LSI (Life Styles Inventory) Accredited trainer.

His unique perspective of inter- and intra-personal understanding compliments the delivery of his training programs and ensures a rigorous and scientific approach to each participant’s growth and development.  He has delivered training throughout Australia and New Zealand including courses in Customer Service, Team Building and Team Integration, Communication, Leadership and Management, Performance Management, Coaching, Conflict Resolution, Sales and Key Account Management, Time and Stress Management, Decision-Making and Professional Presentation Skills.  Scott has a reputation of being a lively and entertaining speaker.  Additionally Scott continues to work hard to dispel the stereotype that psychologists actually get people to lie down on couches!

Salomeh Dastyari

Salomeh Dastyari (Bachelor of Commerce, ICF Certified Coach)

Salomeh works regularly with senior executives and their leadership teams across a variety of industries, to enable them to deal successfully with change and ‘embody’ leadership competencies; walk their talk, make wise choices in the midst of complexity and generate powerful conversations that increase bottom-line productivity and client satisfaction while improving employee well-being.

An accredited coach and a highly skilled facilitator with a solid corporate background, she works with clients on concrete business challenges by applying the best of being a coach, facilitator, consultant or mentor, depending on the need of her audience. Her clients experience tangible results in organisational effectiveness, personal integration and balance towards creating a high trust environment.

 She has trained and coached thousands of individuals in the areas of leadership development, strategy and visioning, culture change, high stakes communication, pitch consulting, crucial conversations and peak performance. She has delivered programs and seminars globally. The insights gained through her corporate experience add realism and pragmatism and her clients describe her perception as both gentle and powerful. Clients value her ability to quickly ‘get to the heart of the matter’ ensuring individual and team sessions are focused and purposeful interactions creating movement, accountability and action towards sustainable solutions. She is an accredited practitioner in The Leadership Circle (TLC) and Human Synergistics (LSI/GSI) 360 leadership and culture diagnostic instruments. She continues to sit on the board of non-profit organizations and actively consults and contributes in leadership roles and organizational learning practices.

                                 Rollo Browne


Rollo has over eighteen years experience in designing high impact learning processes as a consultant/facilitator and coach at BSI Training and Development. He has in depth understanding and expertise in addressing cross-cultural issues and presents regularly at conferences and seminars on a range of topics, such as Leadership, Communication Skills, Performance Management and Difficult Conversations.

It is Rollo’s capacity to think on his feet and work with group concerns that make his work so distinctive and sought after.

Rollo’s work includes management training, coaching, role training and strategic planning. He runs individual coaching sessions for executives and ongoing groups in both professional and personal development. Rollo strongly meets the challenge to work collaboratively with groups and individuals, bringing out their concerns in a way that underlying issues can be addressed.

Rollo has facilitated in Management Development, Executive Coaching, Improving Team and Organisational Dynamics, Developing Change Agent Skills and Process facilitation. He has expertise in use of Action Methods, Application of Group Dynamics to Organisational Culture and Structure, Skillful Facilitation of Business Planning and Culture Diagnosis.

Rollo is qualified and accredited in adult learning: BA, Dip Ed, Dip Adult Ed, Degree in Social Ecology: M AppSci

Five years training in group dynamics: Certified Socio-dramatist (ANZPA/PACFA)

Accredited user: Human Synergistics tools (LSI/ LI/ OCI/ OEI), Change-Tracking, Decision Dynamics, Unwritten Ground Rules

Gina Frampton

Gina is a lawyer, editor and published journalist.  She graduated in law at the Universities of Cape Town and Sydney and worked first in industrial law and then in commercial litigation.  She later studied Journalism at the University of Technology, Sydney, and continues to write as a freelance journalist.

Gina developed an interest in the plain language movement and worked as a freelance editor and proof-reader.  This work led to corporate training in the legal, banking and financial sectors where she helps in the development of style guides and communication standards.

Her interest in language evolved through a love of, and curiosity about, the writing process.  She also developed a fascination with changes in communication styles at all levels of professional and personal life which led her to observe more closely the impact of communication tone and style on both intra-office morale and on the effectiveness of interaction with clients.

She is a passionate trainer and brings a very warm energy to workshops.  She believes that helping people to recognise their own writing voices and to know the strengths and weaknesses of their writing style powerfully affects their communication skills.

Carolyn Norman

Carolyn has over 19 years experience in customer service, sales management and team leadership across a range of competitive markets including telecommunications, hospitality and the financial services sector.

As an influential communicator of ideas and concepts with a proven track record of maximizing results through strategic sales and team leadership, Carolyn became an accredited trainer in 2001.

For the next 3 years she developed and delivered training programs across a broad commercial customer base specializing in Management, Consultative Selling, Account Management, Customer Service, Communication and Presentation Skills.

Carolyn is passionate about health and wellbeing and in 2006 established Wellspeak Communications specializing in educating and motivating individuals and teams on topics relating to Health and Wellbeing.

Carolyn’s highly articulate and motivated approach blended with her diligent focus on outcomes and extensive corporate experience creates a powerful foundation for achieving your corporate and personal outcomes.

Ed Harbor

Ed Harbor has worked for a number of years in the corporate sector, most notably for Merrill Lynch in the City of London and Prudential Fund Managers in Sydney. After working as a consultant for GMO Woolley Fund Managers, he spent three years as a professional trainer, working with employees from most of the major institutions in London, including Virgin, General Electric and Shell.
Ed now provides training and educational consultancy services to companies and education institutions. He specialises in corporate training by focusing on areas where he can pass on his extensive work experience. These include topics such as teamwork and time management as well as finance related subjects.
In addition, he is responsible for the design, development and delivery of training courses on the postgraduate programmes at both the University of New South Wales and the University of Sydney. One of Ed’s main joys in life is demonstrating that finance can indeed be interesting and enjoyable, regardless of what some stereotypes may at times suggest!