Client Feedback

“This was the most successful “customer service” programme we have ever conducted.  We were able to address a whole series of issues regarding looking after patients and referrers, whilst at the same time working out better ways to work together.  Everyone commented on the energy and enthusiasm of the session.  It was clear that the facilitator understood the issues confronting radiology and various aspects of diagnostic imaging, from the Doctors, to the front office staff and technical staff.  The BSI Training & Development research was excellent, their planning meticulous and their enthusiasm remarkable.”

Dr Paul Sprague, CEO SKG Radiology

“BSI Training & Development work closely with our Partners, Senior Associates, Senior Managers and our Shared Services staff. They use their energetic, amusing and insightful training style to effectively engage these diverse audiences.  BSI programs have developed heightened self awareness amongst our senior staff and have assisted our Shared Services staff to develop and implement realistic strategies in support of client service initiatives, conflict resolution, and team work.  BSI has taken the time to learn about our Firm and the environment in which it operates.  This has allowed them to customise their approach and their content to ensure that it always hits the mark and produces consistent, high-quality learning outcomes.”

Marcel Mol, National Manager Learning & Development, Clayton Utz

Initiating a leadership development program was something that our staff, were asking for.  Typically with accounting firms the technically astute find themselves in management roles without the fundamental people skills required to manage staff and the day to day ‘people’ issues.  BSI presented a program which was spread equally across 6 months which afforded staff the time to manage their day and to also participate in training.  The sessions have been extremely well received. Tasks are discussed and followed up fortnightly.  Information learned is immediately put to practice.  Staff, are at the receiving end of various techniques which are assisting our leaders to break down the barriers, they had often felt, when communicating difficult performance related issues with staff.  The BSI Leadership Program has proven itself to be a valuable investment in our people.

Olivia van Putten, HR/Marketing Manager, Moore Stephens

“Belkin decided to partner with BSI to launch the Belkin Leadership Program. The outcomes achieved from this program exceeded our expectations and resulted in a positive change in the organizational culture and the overall quality of our leaders. The program gave managers a common language and tools to use and was delivered in an engaging format that catered for all learning styles. BSI’s commitment to delivering quality, customised and results driven development programs is second to none and is the reason why we have continued to utilised their services beyond our initial scope.”

Melissa Olsen, Human Resources Manager – ANZ, Belkin Ltd

We first heard about BSI Training & Development and the dynamic training style of their training programmes through another accounting firm.  BSI demonstrates a solid understanding of the professional services industry and the issues that Managers face.  Our priority was to provide Managers with leadership training that delivered long-term solutions.  An ‘off the shelf’ course would not suffice to target our specific concerns.  After listening to the outcome that we needed to achieve, BSI guided us through a training needs analysis and then customised the content of the course. The process from start to end was efficiently managed by BSI and communicated clearly to management.  As promised, BSI provided regular reviews and full reports on each attendee at the conclusion of training.  You can be assured of high energy and interactive sessions with the BSI Facilitator leading the charge.  Clearly BSI does their research and quickly wins over their audience.  We are very pleased with the final outcomes and the return on investment.  We now have the tools to be more effective Managers within the workplace.

Leanne Bloomfield, HR Manager, HLB Mann Judd

“BSI Training & Development was engaged by CBP to train 16 of our brightest stars in business development. The attendees at the course ranged from a graduate solicitor through to senior partner. The facilitator was, to say the least, engaging. All participants, regardless of their seniority, gained a great deal from BSI’s practical, no-nonsense, and easy to understand approach to the topic. All participants were able to identify with the tools and methodologies being suggested by BSI and they were able to create a great sense of team within the group. I am normally sceptical about such courses in that people get enthused for the duration of the course and then the skills are lost moving forward. I think the way BSI presents their courses; there are practical benefits to be gained by the participants for years to come which will obviously reap great rewards for CBP.”

Dunstan de Souza, Managing Partner, Colin Biggers & Paisley